Sierra del Oro Water Master Plan

Design of a water system for a 3,500 unit planned development in the City of Corona.  The water system included a 7 million gallon per day filtration plant, two water pumping stations and a reservoir.

Rancho del Sur Water Master Plan

Preparation of a water master plan for a 3,000 unit planned development in the City of Chula Vista.  This planned community was on the end of the existing water system and the entire water delivery system for the Otay Water District was examined and recommendations were made for upgrading their delivery system to supply water to this development.

Water Master Plan for College Area Community Plan

This was a water master plan for a 1,500 unit planned community in the City of San Marcos.  The facilities included a water storage reservoir and piping connections from an aqueduct takeout.

Master Plan of Water Facilities for the Otay Ranch Project

Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. provided the Water Master Plan for the Otay Ranch project.  Otay Ranch encompasses approximately 20,000 acres and will have an ultimate population of approximately 100,000 people.  Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. planned the water system for this project including all raw water storage, filtration facilities, reservoirs and pipelines.  This work was done on behalf of The Baldwin Company but conformed to the standards and design criteria of the Otay Water District.