City of Vista Master Plan of Sewerage

This master plan included both the City of Vista sewer service area and the Buena Sanitation District sewer service area.  The total ultimate service population is estimated to be approximately 110,000. Since the majority of the sewer systems for both the Buena Sanitation District and the City of Vista has been constructed, a portion of the work in this sewer master plan is devoted to a capital replacement program.

Carlsbad Master Plan of Sewerage

This is a sewer master plan for the City of Carlsbad.  The City of Carlsbad has approximately 100 miles of sanitary sewers ranging in size from 6-inch to 54-inches in diameter, and 15 lift stations.  The City of Carlsbad also utilizes two wastewater treatment plants. Both of the plants are full secondary plants. One has a current design capacity of 1.2 million gallons per day, and the other has a design capacity of 22.5 million gallons per day.

Agua Hedionda and Buena Vista Pump Station Facilities Plan

This is a facilities plan to the year 2020 for the upgrading of pump stations, force mains and connecting gravity interceptors.  The upstream reaches of the system have a current flow of approximately 11 million gallons per day, and an ultimate design capacity of 22 million gallons per day while the downstream reaches have a present flow of approximately 18 million gallons per day with a design capacity of 40 million gallons per day.

Black Mountain Ranch North

Prepared sewer system analysis for the Black Mountain Ranch North project in the City of San Diego.  The project encompasses over 1,000 acres and includes mixed density residential development, schools, commercial, parks, and open space.  The purpose of the study was to determine projected onsite and potential offsite flows to determine required line sizing throughout the project.  The sizing of onsite facilities included several sewer lift station sites and force mains.

City of El Cajon

Prepared existing conditions assessment study and sewer study for the Downtown El Cajon Specific Plan Area.  These studies evaluated the existing sewer system and proposed improvements necessary to re-develop approximately 541 acres of existing property.  The proposed re-development involves significantly higher densities than the existing development and so it was necessary to evaluate the local and regional impacts that the proposed increase in flows would have.