Water Design 

South San Diego Pipeline No. 2

This project includes planning, design, and construction assistance for 11 miles of 54-inch through 30-inch diameter welded steel potable water piping. The project was under construction from 1997 to 2004.  Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. was a key member of the project team which included a civil engineer/surveyor, geotechnical consultant, environmental consultant, and construction manager.  Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. was primarily responsible for hydraulic capacity studies, preparation of contract documents and technical specifications, design of steel pipe and special pipe details and connections, review of shop drawings, and coordination of construction sequencing.

Cuyamaca Water Booster Station

This station is in the Padre Dam Municipal Water District and includes three 125 hp vertical turbine potable water booster pumps with a capacity of 1,250 gpm at 208 feet TDH.  It was designed with a hydropneumatic tank and a trailer-mounted emergency power generator. Once a future reservoir is built, the tank could function as a surge vessel and the emergency power generator can be used by the District at any of several other facilities.

Green Valley Pipeline - Reaches 2, 3 and 4.

The Green Valley Pipeline is an 8 reach section of 30-inch water line which will eventually connect the major water pipeline in Mira Mesa Boulevard to Del Mar Heights Road.  This pipeline involved crossing under both Interstate 5 and Interstate 805. The following three reaches are broken down into our involvement with the project.

Reach 2 - Design, bidding, and construction management.

Reach 3 - Design and assisted in construction management to the City of San Diego.

Reach 4 - Design of Reach 4 and Rancho Bernardo Pressure Reducing Station.

The Summit Project - Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc.

provided engineering services for two water storage reservoirs and a water booster station for The Summit project located in the City of Anaheim.  The lower zone reservoir has a capacity of 1.0 million gallons. This reservoir was a concrete reservoir which was buried below a residential street cul-de-sac.  Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. provided all engineering services to this reservoir.  The upper zone reservoir is a 4.0 million gallon steel reservoir and preliminary design work on this reservoir was completed by Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc.  The water booster station has a capacity of 4,000 gallons per minute and has emergency standby generation capacity and an onsite liquid petroleum gas storage tank.   The water booster station and 1.0 million gallon tank were constructed in 1992. The reservoirs and pump station are owned and operated by the City of Anaheim.

La Vina Reservoirs

The La Vina Reservoirs consist of two 500,000 gallon reservoirs that sit side by side.  The La Vina Reservoirs were built for the Lincoln Avenue Water Company which serves an area north of the City of Pasadena.  These tanks were fast-tracked and took less than 12 months for design and construction. The tanks were also in an area with rocky outcrops but blasting was not required.  The tanks and yard piping were designed to withstand a Zone 4 seismic event.

Pressure Reducing Stations

Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. did the planning, design, and assistance during construction for Buena No. 10 pressure reducing and chlorination facility for the Vista Irrigation District.  This work began in 1986 and construction was completed in 1987. Since then, Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. has designed numerous pressure reducing stations for several agencies including the City of San Diego, Otay Water District, and Carlsbad Municipal Water District.  The largest facility included two 16-inch pressure reducing valves in parallel for the Bonita Pipeline Phase 1B project for the City of San Diego.